Journals with Papers based on CPHS database

IDEAS/ RePEc Rank Journal Number of Papers using CPHS
All In last 5 years
NA Journal of Asian Economies 1 1
NA Review of Agrarian Studies 1 1
NA India Policy Forum 1 1
NA IZA Discussion Paper 2 2
NA Centre for Sustainable Employment Working Papers 2 2
NA South Asia Economic Focus 1 1
NA Journal of the American Medical Association 1 1
NA The Quarterly Journal of Economics 1 1
NA Review of Market Integration 1 1
NA State of Working India 3 3
NA World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 1 1
NA IFPRI Discussion Paper 1 1
NA Dvara Research Research Brief 3 3
NA Global Food Security 1 1
NA Journal of Social and Economic Development 2 2

Papers using CPHS database in last 5 year in The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Oxford University Press (also covers The Quarterly Journal of Economics, MIT Press)

Abhinav Narayan, Prachi Mishra, Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, Gita Gopinath
September 2019

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